Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all.  Florida has been pretty breakeven for the first couple weeks.  Lost 4, 10k + pots the first week, while winning none lol, all as the favorite.  The regs have been easy to adjust to so far, with only a few that I would consider competent and somewhat dangerous.  Will post a graph soon of my live sessions, but it hasn't been pretty with some pretty big losing days that have offset nearly all of my winnings.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Live Poker LOL

So I had to stop off in Chicago before I make my way to South Florida to start playing live and I got some time in at the local casino in Hammond IN.  I broke even in cash, but then I spiked this


and 135k was mine.  I rounded out the month by bagging another 3-4k at the tables for about a 140k month which is insane.  Adjustments from online have been ridiculously easy and simple so far.  I'm confident in my decision to go live pro at the moment and it has only been confirmed by the hours I've put in so far.  The nuances of live I can deal with, and the same goes for the annoyances.  Online players often site things like pace of play, live chat, and commutes as reasons not to play.  These things for me pale in comparison to things like constant buttoning, hit n' running, EXTREME bumhunting tactics, scripting, players denying action, 40bbing, having to live out of country, waiting for cashouts, sites running off with money, paying vig on my money to cash it out from some sites, waiting list times, etc etc.  Anyways I'm very happy with my decision at the moment and I do hope that online becomes legal and regulated in the US so I can start playing again soon, as I don't plan on playing online again in its current state.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Snowboarding Pics!

Bridge Gap

Release a bit early!

To the moon!

Fresh pow dumps are always nice!

small pillow line anyone?

Epic powder day to remember

Cornice drops to the softest landings ever
Some snowboarding pics from the 2011/2012 season

Monday, 17 September 2012

Why you leaving?

So the time has finally come where I've decided to temporarily postpone online poker for a few months to 1/2 a year.  First things first.  I am still making great money in online at NL.  A partial graph is given below for NL.

I'm temporarily postponing online play because I have personal items to attend to back in the states, and they are problems not easily solved living out of the country.  At the start of this year I played almost exclusively HU and Sh'd while I started tables.  I made a good chunk of money off of playing regulars HU in games where they were clearly the dog and I was happy.  As time wore on tho, fewer reg's were willing to play me as they realized they were outmatched.   This led me to try to learn PLO, as quite a few players were making good money at it and I found PLO exciting and interesting.  It rekindled my love for poker.  I worked tirelessly to learn the game.  I read forums, I watched videos, I subscribed to PLO centric learning sites, I hired coaches (2 of the biggest crushers in the game), I played a ton of hands at 6max and I lost.  I didn't lose, I lost big, very, very big.  To the point where it really stung quite a bit.  So, this was the point I stepped back and decided now was a good time to take a small break and attend to some matters that I have wanted to for a while.  I don't want to play live as much as I do online, but I think it will be a nice supplement and keep me fairly sharp for NL ring games.  Looking forward to my return to online in a few months. GL Guys.
Gonna post a few vids from Whistler. I've enjoyed this place so much while living here, and I can't wait to get back next summer to stay another season!

Anyways, here are the vids, enjoy!

Snowboarding in March

Snowboarding in early March

Downhill Biking in Whistler

Thursday, 16 February 2012

First day, first graph

Long day of swings.

Played a reg HU at 5/10 for quite a long time.  He coolered me hard for the first 300 hands or so.  After about 300 hands I had some tendencies I started to pound on, and as you can see I obliterated him over the next 1k hands.